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From the life of a TYPO3 integrator.

These pages want to provide you with assistance and informations about TYPO3 and web development in general.

Hi, I'm Sebastian. On these pages, I record my experiences as a web developer. I have created several TYPO3 extensions that are meant to make your life easier or serve as a demo for special functionalities. You can find them on GitHub, some of them also in the TYPO3 Extension Repository. Here, I write about updates.

However, the centerpiece of my website is the tutorial section. They cover new features in TYPO3, but also general topics. Some of them have become a series, for example about the TYPO3 Form Framework or the Routing Feature in TYPO3 v9 and newer. Everything is available in both english and german language (except for my Dokuwiki with code snippets, sorry).

Good news, everyone!

This part of my blog covers personal open source projects, events I have attended, as well as some technical details of this website.