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Hello, I'm Sebastian.

The main focus of my work is frontend development as well as the integration of websites into the content management system TYPO3.

I started my career working in the print sector. But I also created my first website in 2000 using a WYSIWYG editor – and of course, it was "optimized for Internet Explorer 4"! At the same time, I started my first steps in HTML and CSS. In the following years, I played around with web technologies from time to time, but without using them productively.

In 2011 I finally started my professional move into the web: I went quickly from TYPO3 editorial work to web design and frontend development towards TYPO3 integration. As an autodidact, I benefited extensively from various blogs and tutorials.

Therefore this website is also an attempt to give something back. The tutorial page offers several step-by-step instructions on various subjects.

In the spirit of the Open Source idea, I provide several TYPO3 extensions on GitHub: Demos and examples, but also solutions that can be used in projects. A CKEditor plugin for conditional line breaks (with and without a hyphen) can also be found there. If my time allows it, I get involved in other OSS projects. In 2021 I co-organized the TYPO3camp RheinRuhr for the first time.