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News about extensions, templates and events

This page offers you news about extensions that I publish on GitHub. My basetemplates can help you to start an own TYPO3 template extension (aka 'sitepackage') and contain a set of best practices to configure TYPO3. In addition, there are new example forms and demos how to customize TYPO3. These usually complement the tutorials on this site. I also write recaps of the events I attended.

Most helpful to you probably are the tutorials that I offer on the other pages. The focus is on subjects like building TYPO3 navigations with TypoScript (including full examples e.g. for Bootstrap, multilingual) and the creation of new database fields in TYPO3. Currently I'm working on several tutorials about the new Form Framework in TYPO3 v8:

  1. Using your own form templates
  2. Setting up different email templates for the EmailToSender and EmailToReceiver finishers
  3. Translating forms

I'm Sebastian Klein, web developer with a focus on TYPO3 CMS. These pages want to provide you with assistance and informations about TYPO3 and web development in general.