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Support of TYPO3 v13

The extension now supports TYPO3 v12 as well as version 13, which is currently under development.

With the dropped support of TYPO3 v11, the old hook for modifying links in the RTE is now removed. In the current versions, only the newer PSR-14 event is needed.

The extension uses two JavaScripts in the TYPO3 backend, which have now been migrated from RequireJS to ES6 modules.

For TYPO3 v13, the new "Site Set" feature is available. This enables you to include the necessary TypoScript of this extension in the Site Configuration.

Also: Bugfix for redirects in version 3.1.1

On May 26, I published a small bugfix version: Redirects with an anchor link as target (e.g. t3://page?uid=123#456) invoked the hook or the PSR-14 event. In this context, however, the necessary TypoScriptFrontendController (TSFE) is not available.

Therefore, an initial check is now performed to determine whether a frontend request is available. Version 3.1.1 supports TYPO3 v11 and v12.

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