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Last weekend I attended the TYPO3camp Rhine-Ruhr in Essen again.

I'd like to pick up the nice idea of Luisa Sofie Fassbender: instead of the usual recap I'll write about my motivation to visit a TYPO3camp.

Why I like to participate in TYPO3camps.

As I made a lateral move to web development and work with a small team, a TYPO3camp is the perfect place to learn the current best practices. How to best use the new features in the TYPO3 core? Is everybody using webpack already?

The individual sessions are versatile. Even beginner's topics can be helpful to discover something you didn't know before. As an integrator, I always like to attend some developer topics, too: this allows me to get a better understanding of processes in the core. Even if I don't grasp a topic completely, some aspects will become clearer. And then there are the sessions which by chance exactly cover my current project.
The interactions beside the sessions are certainly the most beneficial. I leave every camp with new solutions and ideas.

It's the people in the TYPO3 Community.

The atmosphere is very informal. Of course, this is also because many participants have known each other for ten or more years. But: each new participant is welcomed with open arms.
If you're a introverted character like me, you can simply join an ongoing discussion–most of the time you'll be included pretty quickly. In the meantime I've met a number of wonderful people which I look forward to meet again at each camp.

The participants include many PHP developers and integrators. But front-end developers, designers and consultants are also represented.

In the last years, many TYPO3camps in the German-speaking area introduced at least one English-speaking session slot to better include international attendees. Some, like the TYPO3camp Vienna, are organized entirely in English.

You want to meet the TYPO3 Community?

You have many opportunities to say Hello:

  • TYPO3camps usually take place at the weekend (once a year). Within Germany there are many TYPO3camps from Hamburg to Munich. But camps also take place in Austria, Switzerland, France, East Europe and worldwide.
  • You can find TYPO3 Usergroups (UG) even in smaller cities and regions. They meet regularly for an evening and are looking forward to your visit.
  • In addition, there are various events such as the Developer Days, the TYPO3 Conference or the TYPO3 Snowboard Tour (T3Board).

You can find lists of TYPO3 Events and Usergroups on Note that these aren't complete. Use the search engine of your choice to get in personal contact with TYPO3 enthusiasts in your area. Join us!

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