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I provide three extensions for the TYPO3 Form Framework on GitHub:

  • form_examples contains practical examples to demonstrate how to work with finishers, FluidEmail templates, translations with fallbacks and other typical tasks.
  • form_distribution can be used as a starter kit for your own forms. The extension provides the most necessary configurations to get started right away.
  • form_variants contains additional examples for the new variants (conditions) added with TYPO3 v9.

I had already updated and cleaned up the first mentioned extension at the beginning of the year. The other two are now finally compatible with TYPO3 v11.

For "form_distribution", I only had to create a new branch and tag. "form_variants" required slightly more work: separate branches/tags for each TYPO3 version didn't even exist yet, but became necessary now due to the changed recipient notation in finishers.

If I find time, I'll add some custom templates for the "skip a page" example of "form_variants" for the overview page and sent email.
I dismissed the idea: this form example demonstrates that fields hidden in the form process are also hidden on the overview page and in the emails.

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