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After a revision I officially publish v1.0 of my template extension for TYPO3 v8. Nothing unusual, just some things I consider best practice to kickstart a new website.
The new rich text editor rte_ckeditor gets some nice default configuration. The several Page TSconfig objects can be loaded in (sub)pages individually, if needed. Some TypoScript configurations were brought up to date. The configuration files themselves now use the new default file endings .typoscript and .tsconfig. The icons for the backend layouts are provided as SVG files for easier customization.

I also added some example forms made with the new form framework. I later decided to make these available in a separate extension:
At the present time, form_distribution provides three different forms. It also creates a database table to save any desired form values by means of the SaveToDatabase finisher. This extension is currently under work, but can be tested and used nonetheless. Feedback is appreciated!

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