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I created two TYPO3 extensions which provide an initial setup for the TYPO3 versions 6.2 and 7.6.


It is good practice to save your TypoScripts, HTML templates etc. in a separate extension. This isn't difficult to set up and has several advantages. That way you can

  • use a distributed version control system to manage your configurations and templates
  • keep the fileadmin clean and use it solely for the website's content

You can use these TYPO3 extensions as a base for your website configuration. Add your Stylesheets, JavaScripts and templates and adapt the supplied configurations to your needs.

Both ship with a simple HTML template structure to demonstrate the usage of Fluidtemplates. It does not contain any Frontend Framework though, so you're free to use your favourite Framework or custom templates. If you intend using Bootstrap, you definitely should check bootstrap_package out, which was developed by Benjamin Kott. This extension provides you with a complete integration of Bootstrap in TYPO3.


  • meaningful folder structure to manage your files
  • essential TypoScript Setup, which you can integrate as a Static Template
  • basic TSconfig, e.g. useful RTE configurations.
  • both TypoScript and TSconfig are divided into smaller partials for more clarity
  • all configurations can be easily adjusted

These extensions are continually enhanced with features of which I think would be commonly useful. I very much appreciate any critique, suggestions and requests!

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